Turnkey water treatment system for production of technical water at The New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU), Denmark

EUROWATER has designed and supplied a production plant for soft water and demineralized water. It is a turnkey solution, i.e. EUROWATER has total responsibility for delivery and installation of the water treatment plant, instrumentation, piping, control, and documentation. The hospital simply presses the button ”ON”.

Water treatment system

Even though the building at the DNU is still in progress, the water treatment plant has now been installed in the technical room of building field S1, the main technical building of the entire DNU building. The tall, three-floored building of 13,250 m² is to comprise the department of clinical biochemistry, the department of pathology, and common sample testing laboratories.

Since the delivery, the water treatment system has been covered by plastic material to protect from dust, as works on the technical room were not completed. The plastic was removed on the occasion of the photographing.
Since the delivery, the water treatment system has been covered by plastic material to protect from dust, as works on the technical room were not completed. The plastic was removed on the occasion of the photographing.

The water treatment system comprises:  

  • Softening unit for continuous supply of soft water (4 m³/h).
  • Reverse osmosis unit for supply of demineralized water (7 m³/h). The type is known as RO-PLUS and the unit is optimized as to water recovery and energy consumption in order to minimize operational costs. RO-PLUS units are designed for a recovery rate up to 90% compromising neither the reliability nor the water quality.
  • Water reservoir of 4,500 litres.
  • Booster pump with frequency control.
  • UV disinfection unit as hygienic barrier to possible bacteriological problems.
  • Central control cabinet for monitoring and control of the entire system. The control cabinet comprises PLC, operator panel with touch screen, motor protection, measuring equipment as well as communication with the hospital's general Building Management System (BMS).

With the exception of the water reservoir, all the above units have been assembled and preinstalled on a common frame. Pre-installation means that all internal piping and wiring have been made in advance and that the entire solution has been quality tested, including pressure testing and performance testing of wiring. Assembly and testing at the EUROWATER factory in Stilling, Denmark offer a number of advantages in comparison with work on site.

  1. First, it leaves more room for all the other works that are to be performed in the technical room at the DNU.
  2. Secondly, the access to all the necessary components and tools are optimized, and
  3. thirdly, the number of persons that have to be security cleared for building works can be kept at a minimum.

This concept saves not only EUROWATER but also the customer money, reduces the risk of failures and deficiencies, and ensures a quicker installation on site.

Turnkey solution with guarantee for result and performance

Reliability, security and guarantee are all keywords in connection with water treatment. Those who drink water, use water, and are responsible for the water supply have one thing in common: they all need reliability and security of clean water. This kind of reliability and security is exactly what one of the business partners of EUROWATER wanted in connection with the supply and installation of a complete water treatment plant for technical water at the DNU.

An agreement on a turnkey solution covering all aspects ensures a clear and defined division of labour between EUROWATER and the main contractor. This division of roles gives EUROWATER the full responsibility for the solution of the job within the specified economic and time frames. This allows EUROWATER to focus on its core business, namely water treatment, and the contractor can focus on his core business, namely solution of large and complex engineering and construction projects.

Before long, start-up and commissioning of the system will take place, so that the system can be handed over to the DNU. EUROWATER also has the responsibility for supplying and installing a similar water treatment solution, which already has been delivered and placed in building N2, the 36,950 m² large building for hospital treatment and bed wards. But that is quite another story …

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