The Water Savers Against All Odds

“The Water Savers” is a team consisting of two girls and five boys, age 13-15, who are pupils at the local school in Billund, Denmark, the home town of the LEGO brand.

The Water Savers, from left to right: Noah, Mathilde, Jeppe, Frederik, Magnus, Senia, and Jacob

This great team has just returned from the international First Lego League competition with the “Against all odds” award. It is a special prize awarded by the 150 judges because the team improvised and overcame a difficult situation while still performing respectably, with an attitude that said, “We can overcome incredible odds if we never give up, no matter what!”

Magnus, 14 years old, with a team member from one of the other 66 teams from 44 countries competing in First Lego League
This year the finals was held in Debrecen, Hungary. There were 66 teams from 44 countries. Normally contenders are given eight months to prepare and train for the finals. The Water Savers only had seven weeks, because of joining based on a wild card. However, against all odds, they performed very well in all four events.

Event 1: Clean water for future generations

Guided by adult coaches, First Lego League teams researched a real-world problem and were challenged to develop a solution. “Clean drinking water for future generations” was the project title of “The Water Savers” and their goal was to make a water purifying facility which can collect rain or lake and river water, purify it and even store it. In their research they visited companies like Grundfos, Red Cross, Alfa Laval, Solar, and EUROWATER, who all contributed with help, inspiration and guidance.
Senia and Jeppe next to a 3D model of the water purification system made by EUROWATER

Event 2: Lego Mindstorms

The teams had to design, build and program a robot using Lego Mindstorms technology, then compete on a table-top playing field.
The name of the robot is “ZeRisly”. (Seriously!)

Event 3: Presentation

Along their journey of discovery, they had to develop critical thinking and team-building skills, and even presentation skills, as they must present their solutions with a dash of creativity to judges.
All seven team members at their stand – like a “real” trade fair

Event 4: Core Values

It all adds up to a ton of fun with a healthy dose of imagination to apply science, technology, engineering, and math concepts (STEM) to solve a problem. They also practiced the Program’s signature Core Values. One of the core values of the team is Work Hard, Play Hard as shown on the banner. But the most important core value is to have fun.
The Water Savers: “We believe that one needs to have fun to perform. It is okay to take a break, if you need one. We have a good balance between having fun and being serious.”

Congratulations to Jeppe, Magnus, Jacob, Senia, Frederik, Noah, and Mathilde. EUROWATER has great admiration for your performance, dynamics, never give up-attitude, team-building skills, core values and great achievements.

Congratulations from EUROWATER, proud to be displayed on your team shirts.

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