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Profile • Filtration • Softening • Demineralization • Reverse osmosis • EDI • Nanofiltration • Dealkalizers • UV disinfection Automation • Deaerators • Dosing • Rental




Profile leaflet - Our World is Water




Water treatment for district heating and power plants


DI rinse water for surface pretreatment systems


Filtration and absorption


Filtration of water - flow rate up to 100 m³/h


ACM/ACH - flow rate up to 7.4 m³/h


Bag filter plants EF/EFG - flow rate up to 25 m³/h


Nevtraco water treatment limestone for effective iron removal in drinking water 




Softening plants - flow rate up to 150 m³/h


Softening plant type SMP - flow rate up to 30 m³/h


Salt tablets for softening plants


Demineralization (Ion exchange)


Demineralization plants type DMS, DME, DMHE, DMCE and UPCORE - flow rates up to 50 m³/h


MB og MBA Mixed-bed - flow rate up to 28 m³/h


SILEX Mixed-bed cartridge system (off site regeneration) - flow rate up to 0.3 m³/h


SILEX 11/21 Mixed-bed (off site regeneration) - flow rate up to 0.42 m³/h


EUREX Mixed-bed (off site regeneration) - flow rate up to 4 m³/h


Reverse osmosis (membranes)


Reverse osmosis plants (RO) - flow rate up to 60 m³/h


CU:RO - flow rate up to 2.0 m³/h (combined softening and RO)


Save the enviroment while saving money -upgrade your RO unit


EDI (electrodeionisation)


EDI plants - flow rate Up to 10.2 m³/h




Nanofiltration - flow rate up to 60 m³/h




DCM/DCMH - flow rate up to 14 m³/h




UV disinfection 


UV systems for disinfection of drinking and process water - flow rate up to 500 m³/h




Read more about our PLC control panels




Vacuum deaerator


Thermal deaerator


Membrane Degassing Unit




Grundfos dosingpumps DDA, DDC og DDE




Container plants