Mechanical industry

Companies with mechanical industry have many water treatment requirements: Boiler water, rinse water, cooling water, water for humidification, and - as something special for this line of business - water for admixture of cutting oil emulsions.

Demineralized water
Many suppliers of cutting coolants recommend or prescribe the use of demineralized water. EUROWATER is an expert on this area and has supplied both ion exchange plants and RO plants for projects within this line of business.

Less environmental waste
The advantages of using demineralized water are many. It gives better cooling and lubrication, a longer life of tools and cutting fluids, minimization of bacterial growth and corrosion, as well as lower environmental costs.

Installation with nanofiltration with a total capacity of 88 m³/h. The raw water is surface water and has a high content of organic substances. The water is used as cooling water and process water in the production of cutting tools.

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