Laboratories need water of great purity for a.o. glass washing, analyses, autoclaving, water baths.

To supply water treatment plants for labs, the supplier must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the use of laboratory water because the fields of application vary as do the specific requirements for water quality and purity. In the main, only demineralized water is used. To a great extent, the choice of water treatment equipment depends on the pharmaceutical requirements as well as on validation and documentation. Most often, the water quality parameters are: desired conductivity (µS/cm), contents of organic matter, and contents of microorganisms.

Process water for labs is classified as: 
  • All-purpose water (ASTM type 3, glass washing, dish washers, analyses, autoclaves)
  • Water for specific laboratory use (ASTM type 2, analyses, dish washers)
  • Ultrapure water for analyses and tests (ASTM type 1, analyses, pilot and upscaling projects)

EUROWATER offers SILEX and EUREX ion exchange systems for production of high-purity demineralized water with conductivities under 0.1 µS/cm. The user-optimized ion exchange systems are regenerated at local EUROWATER centres instead of at the installation site. The systems are an affordable alternative to buying bottled, demineralized water.

High-purity demineralized water with low contents of organic matter and microorganisms for labs with large water consumption

For labs with large water consumption, EUROWATER offers a complete water treatment plant comprising a softening plant, a double-pass reverse osmosis plant (DPRO), EDI (electrodeionization), polisher with UPW ion exchangers, UV-disinfection, and sterile filters. To comply with the purity requirements of this type of laboratory water, the pipe system must have circulation and no dead legs. A double-pass reverse osmosis plant provides double security against penetration of germs and bacteria in accordance with the US pharmacopoeia. As an offspring, the conductivity will be significantly improved, typically to 1-3 µS/cm, the capacity of possible subsequent polishers will be greatly increased and they will be more efficient. Conductivity of laboratory water can be as low as 0.055 µS/cm or18 MΩ.

High-purity demineralized water for labs with modest water consumption

EUROWATER offers SILEX and EUREX plants which are used for production of demineralized water of highest quality with a conductivity of less than 0.1 µS/cm. The plants are mixed-bed plants due to the fact that they consist of a mix of charged cation and anion exchangers. The concept is developed with focus on easy operation and off site regeneration and is an economic alternative to buying demineralized bottled water.

Pipe systems

EUROWATER offers pipe systems of all the known standard materials (PVC, PP, PVDF, AISI 316L stainless steel). We are therefore able to meet the requirements of most labs.


All EUROWATER water treatment plants come with standard validation program and standard documentation. We will, however, provide you with just the documentation you need.

Experience and commitment

EUROWATER has acquired great experience with water treatment for labs and we will supply you with complete solutions covering exactly your needs. Our experienced sales engineers will provide you with consultancy, dimensioning, documentation as well as plant installation.

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