Electronics industry

It is a fact that water can carry the electric current. This also applies to drinking water. An efficient water treatment can reduce the conductivity to approximately 0.055 microsiemens per cm. This is the theoretically lowest level that can be achieved. When producing electronic components, it is necessary to use water of very high quality.

Adaptation to demands
EUROWATER has developed concepts for projects within the electronics industry. The solutions are adapted to the demands of the individual customer. As to choice of materials for plants and pipe systems, we meet the severe requirements of this line of business.

We have acquired great competence in supplying water treatment plants used in connection with production of semiconductors, optical fibres, wafers, circuit boards, and silicium. EUROWATER is among the leading enterprises in this field. 

Solution for process water. Parts of the piping system are made of PP-n distinguished by great resistance towards certain disinfection agents and chemicals. The joints are made with BCF welding technologies thus eliminating the risk of bacterial growth.

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