Automotive industry

Large quantities of rinse water are used in the production of cars for degreasing and surface treatment of the body. In these cases, it is of great importance that the water is compounded correctly in each of the processes.

In addition, it is often desired to recycle the water. The purpose is to minimize the water consumption and to prevent the heavy metals from the surface treatment processes to get to the waste water. This can be done through the process of selective ion exchange.

Boiler water, cooling water, and water for humidification are yet another example of applicabilities within the automotive industry.

We have solved many water treatment tasks at large car companies such as Saab, Volvo, Toyota, Citroën, and Renault. In all cases, EUROWATER is the right partner from project to start on site.

Three double-pass reverse osmosis plants each with a flow of 3.5 m³/h for recycling of rinse water at car company.

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