Agriculture and horticulture

Four pressure filter plants for filtration of ground water. The water is used for watering in the greenhouse.

Drinking water for people and animals, clothes washing, cleaning of milking systems, humidification in piggeries as well as watering in greenhouses - the needs for water are many and the requirements for water quality, too. Poor prosperity for people, plants, and animals, discoloured laundry and sanitary appliances, as well as choked pipes and nozzles are all typical indications that the water is not as good as it could and should be.

Water analysis

A water analysis and the supply requirements determine the optimum solution. The water analysis can be prepared externally or in our own laboratory. Pressure filtration, softening, and demineralization are the most central solutions in this line of business.

Specific investment

EUROWATER’s wide product range makes it easy to put together a sound investment. Focusing on packaged modular design ensures that low-cost and optimum solutions can be combined individually to cover your needs.

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