Our World is Water

Water forms the basis of all life on earth. At the same time, water also forms the basis of the existence of EUROWATER. Our values are built on a wish to deliver solutions for water treatment in close co-operation with the customer. As regards our employees, we try to create as attractive a work place as possible for both existing as well as future employees.  

All over the world, we are every day part of ensuring pure drinking water for millions of consumers and pure water for many exciting industrial purposes. All of our activities are centered around development, production, and marketing of high quality water treatment plants. We are proud to say that our world is water. Water as drinking water for households, water as rinse water for surface treatment, water as boiler water for boilers, etc.   

Access to pure water has always been and will always be vital for us. The need of pure drinking water and the demands on water quality has been increasing for a long time. Thus, we are glad to be able to offer our customers water treatment plants which can treat the water in an optimum way so that their world, too, is water.

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